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I had a good workout this morning at Riverbank on my first day back in New York City. I enjoyed swimming outdoors down in Florida immensely, but also experienced the drawbacks of relying on an outdoor pool as it was closed a lot during my month there for cold, rainy, or windy weather. It’s good to be back in the city for a few weeks and enjoy swim buddies and reliable facilities. This morning I got to swim with Hannah and Rondi, and this is what I did:

1100 lcm warmup

5 x 500, FR with traveling 2 50s BK

300 K/S by 50
2 x 200 IM
400 FR pull
300 K/s by 50
100 warmdown + play

I felt good in the water this morning, although the pool was definitely on the warm side. It was energizing to be swimming with people again—on my last swim Wednesday down in Florida I was the only person in the whole 20-lane pool.

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