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1|19|14 - SCM / drylands

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by , January 19th, 2014 at 04:30 PM (390 Views)
40 x 25 on 0:30 free S
  • brought down to 22 - 21's keeping it there

200 of roll-over drill

4 x 6 - 10 hip thrusts - 135lbs

Took yesterday off for garage cleaning. Also installed a small door for our cat to have access to the garage on cold nights, instead of leaving the garage door partly opened for her as we have been doing. She is an outdoors cat, and prefers it that way, but it does get cold. Needless to say she loves her own personal door. She even tried using it while it was still being installed.

The swim was more of a drill of working on minimized drag. I've reached the point where base position is good and efficient, and instances of drag happens randomly at just certain points of stroke, for whatever reasons. Like sometimes I sink too much at left side rotation, or sometimes I downstroke outward too much causing me to push out (of streamline) to the other side. Whatever the cases are, I have worked on them with drills and focus, and the brief set above was just a way to concentrate on the actual swimming part of it, trying to minimize the net - unnecessary - drag. The cool thing is the clock to some degree, confirms whatever you think you might have done while swimming had a negative impact or not. I would like to get these near the sub 20, at same effort level with form alone.

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