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IV x M

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Yesterday my team held the first session of its annual OHS extravaganza. I didnít swim it this year, but did go by and count for a couple of heats. I got to witness some really nice swims, and seeing friends and teammates dig deep to set PRs and reach goals must have inspired me, because this morning I found myself excited about swimming long continuous stuff. I arrived a little on the late side for my solo workout at Riverbank, and managed to get in the following:

4 x 1000 LCM @ :30ish rest, done as

  • 400 FR / 600 alt. BK/FR by 100s
  • 200 swim / 400 IM kick / 400 pull
  • Magic 1000, alternating FR/BK in a 5/1/4/1/3/1/2/1/1/1 (lengths) pattern, pushing turnover on the FR
  • 400 kick/swim by 50 + 400 pull + 200 warmdown/play

That was it! I didnít really stop except to hit the water bottle between the 1000s. Afterwards I felt good and energized, but not tempted to sign up for next weekendís OHS part II. Itís nice to be able to swim long stuff LCM, and skip half the turns.

My goal this week is to catch up on my GtD goal. I decided that I want a swimsuit this year, but I am behind already, by a little over 3 miles. Iím optimistic about catching up by the end of the week though!

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