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Before the snowstorm

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I had been looking forward to swimming the Tuesday night workout with my team today, but with a snowstorm looming it seemed safer to go ahead and get in a workout this morning, to avoid possible pool closures or transit hassles. I was able to stay and swim solo after I coached at John Jay this morning, adapting the main set of the workout I had just coached to swim the following:

1000 scy warmup

8 x 50 kick @ 1:00, IM order + RIM order

6 x 50 free @ :55, desc. 1-3 then hold 4-6 steady
6 x 100 BK/FR @ 1:35
6 X 150 FR @ 2:15, desc. by 3s
6 x 100 IM, 2 @ 1:45, 2 @ 1:40, 2 @ 1:35
6 x 50 free @ :50, smooth and efficient

100 easy

8 x 100 k/s/k/s @ 2:00, IM order twice through, ascending to warmdown pace

200 warmdown / play / twirly swim

That was it! I enjoyed being back on deck this morning and seeing my swimmers after a month away, and it was good to be able to get in a swim afterwards without trekking to another pool. The pool was mostly empty during the lap swimI had my own lane, and saw just 2 other swimmers the entire time I was there.

When I left the snow was already falling and had accumulated some. Its supposed to keep coming down the rest of the day, so Im happy with my decision to exercise early rather than later! Also glad to have finally caught up on my GtD goal pace.

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