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Frozen hair

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I had been hesitant to venture up to Riverbank after Tuesday’s foot of snow. While the sidewalks and streets in my neighborhood were quickly shoveled and salted, I was worried about the walk to Riverbank. Its snow maintenance, which is done by the State Parks Dept rather than the city, has always tended to be substandard—they typically seem to just drive over the paths with some sort of golf cart, compacting the snow and making things icier with each refreeze. This time, though, they got things right. When I got to the pedestrian bridge leading to the park, I was amazed—it was completely cleared and dry, as were the paths through the park. Go figure--It was as if they had used all the salt they had stockpiled over the last 5 years in one fell swoop. (Every locker had a crusty of salt on the bottom from people’s shoes.) In any case, I was very glad not to have to negotiate slippery sidewalks in the dark.

The pool was very quiet—the cold is keeping people inside this week—and very warm. I shared a lane with Rondi and one other good circle swimmer, and did the following:

3 x LCM 1000, odds reverse magic 1000s (fr/bk), even regular magic 1000 (fr/bk)

5 x 400, done as
1—alt kick/swim and IM/free by 50s
2—IM, alt k/s by 50s
3—swim, alt free/IM by 50s
4—IM, alt k/s by 50s
5—IM swim

200 warmdown + play

That was it! And yes, my hair did freeze today in the 3 blocks between the subway and my apartment. The good news is that the rest of me wasn’t cold at all—I guess 30 years of living “up north” (Michigan, Chicago, Ithaca, NYC) has at least taught me how to dress for cold weather, or at least the version of it that we get here (I don't think I'm ready for Maine or Minnesota winters yet, or for the worst of the the Midwest polar vortex). The bad news is that I only have one pair of ski pants, and I’m going to get tired of wearing them every day for the next week! I’m not sure when temps are going to get above freezing here again.

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