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Nationals, Saturday and Sunday

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I'm home now and have some time to blog the final 2 days of SCY Nationals.

Saturday: My events were the 200 backstroke followed by the 50 free.

200 Back: Went 2:37.44, about a half second slower than I did at Zones a month ago. On this one I had no legs after the 1st 100 and struggled to finish.
Splits were 36.27-38.83-41.10-41.24.
placed 12/13

50 Free: Went 26.82, again about a half sec off my best. Swim felt good, had a fair start and okay turn. Was 25/32.

With warm up and cool down swims about 2800 yards total

Sunday: My events were the 100 free and 50 back.

100 free: 1:00.33, split 29.48-30.85. This one was a disaster. I totally blew the 1st turn and the 3rd turn wasn't much better. Finished 25/29.
Sometimes it seems that I'll never again see a 59 or faster on the clock at my finish.

50 back: Went 31.73 about 1.2 sec off my best but good enough to grab a medal for 9th place. Had one of my best starts and turns but goot too close to the lane line at about 37 yards and hit it with my hand. This cost me time and possibly a better place in the standings. Was 9/14.

With Warmup and cool down about 2000 yards total.

All in all a good meet. I'm hoping that the LCM Nationals goes better but after looking at the order of events, I have back to back events on 2 of the 3 days I'll swim. Hopefully there will be sufficient time between for recovery.

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