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Mixing it up this year


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by , January 29th, 2014 at 07:16 AM (608 Views)
I had to miss swimming today because they closed every pool due to snow. Guess what IT's JUST RAINING!!!!! Had to do 45 minutes on my spin bike this morning and I guess I will do 1 hour of walking in the parking decks since even the gym at the hospital I work at is closed till 12 noon.

I feel like a fish flopping on the deck. I miss my water.

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Swim Workouts


  1. Celestial's Avatar
    Better safe than sorry.
    We closed our office today, too (Tallahassee), for "black ice" threat - it started finally raining around 8:15 this morning - I stupidly skipped my 5:30am swim for fear of driving on black ice, and now it looks like, even though I have the day off, I won't be able to swim at lunch because that is when it will actually start sleeting and hailing.
    Ah, Mother Nature, can't make up her mind, typical woman.
  2. Donna's Avatar
    We were out 2 days for a non event. That stinks. I kind of like the idea of Les Nessman's Eye witness weather from the old WKRP tv show. Just look outside and get your weather. Especially in Savannah which does not get this type of weather. But then again around here people can't drive in the rain.
  3. knelson's Avatar
    This seems like a recent phenomenon, doesn't it? Closing things because of the threat of bad weather?