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Snow Day!

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by , January 29th, 2014 at 09:28 PM (478 Views)
Supposedly a snow day, so no work. Hahaha, light rain, hardly even any hail, and tiny little gentle bits of it at that. Slept in for fear of driving on black ice & swam @ lunch - mostly solo, for 4500 SCY in 85 degree water. This will be the norm until March, as my usual pool is closing to replace the liner (finally!!). Only I'll be swimming in the bath tub @ my usual 5:30am.

1000 warm-up done as 100 free/25 back/25 breast over & over
5 x 200 pull
9 x 100, 3 @ :30, 3 @ :24, 3 @ :20 with 50 easy after each group of 3
10 x 50 @:50
100 easy

Gotta figure out the best way to take off 10 lbs w/out feeling weak in the pool. Calorie restriction is hard not just on my brain (I feel so deprived!! And why do my cravings only come out when I decide to diet?!) but also hard on my body as I don't have the energy to workout as hard as I would like. Of course the option could be to say the heck with it, just shut up and eat my lettuce, and get over it, in 2-3 weeks maybe it would be all over?! But I always seem to have a meet around the corner. Anybody have any great ideas out there?

Oh, and BTW, after reading some goofy forum postings dating back near three years on the pros and cons of lifting/drylands, and whether to lift before or after swimming, let it be known I am in The Fortress & Chowmi camp, definitely before - and then an easy 2000 or so to loosen up. And studies have shown the aging athlete benefits from weight training, no matter what the sport, because we lose muscle mass. So there, all you nay sayers!
Studies have also shown that women don't drop as much time during tapers as men. No fair!

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