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joel schmaltz

Sat 2/1/14

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Odd week here in North Myrtle Beach with the ice and snow. The town basically shut down for a couple of days. The city did a good job with the salt, sand and brine. We had a little over an inch of ice at our house that stayed for a couple of days.

Back to the routine. Quick one today.

500 mix up
10 x 50 on coaches whistle
-- A mix of kick, drill, fast, and stroke
100 swim

Choice set of broken 3 x (4 x150's)
-- Went free, back, breast by round
Round 1
50 fast r/5
50 perfect form r/5
50 fast r/20

Round 2
25 perfect form r/5
50 @ 200 pace r/5
25 sprint r/5
50 perfect form r/20

Round 3
25 perfect form r/5
75 fast r/5
25 perfect form r/5
25 sprint r/20

4 x through , IM order @ coaches whistle
3 x 25 kick ~ 40
50 drill ~ 60
75 swim ~ 1:20

100 cruise and out


We are doing the polar plunge this afternoon for the SC Special Olympics. This could be interesting. I have teased our oldest daughter by asking her which one of my bright drag suits or briefs I should wear. "Daddy, PLEASE wear some board shorts!" Hahaha.

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  1. __steve__'s Avatar
    Good luck with that jumping into cold ocean thing, it takes some courage. I did that once but I was a drunk teenager when I did.
  2. joel schmaltz's Avatar
    Haha Steve! It wasn't QUITE as bad as I thought and it was for a good cause. Standing on the cold wet sand was probably the worse. Ocean temp was in the low 50's and the air temp around 50. People do it in much more frigid condition than that and sometimes even sober