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After a long rest

Week 70 - Saturday

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I had a great nights sleep and had a coffee with my father who joined me again this morning. my parents head back to the UK on Monday so we are making the most of our last couple of days together. Their visit has been great fun and it makes me realize how lucky I am to have such great parents who I have such a good relationship with.

Today's workout continued the focus on 200s and kicking; lots and lots of kicking.

Warm up
1000 free snorkel

Main sets
4x(200 free with fins AFAP on 3mins, 2x50 back with fins on 45)
100 easy
12x75 kick on 1.20 swum free,fly,free kick by 25
100 easy
300 free on 3.30
200 IM on 3mins
100 free AFAP

Warm up
200 easy

Total 4100 scy

I felt great again in the water. My turns are starting to feel better but I need to keep concentrating as I get tired. The 200s with fins burned pretty bad but I believe this is just the event as opposed to anything I am doing right or wrong; the 200 free flat out hurts and training for it is very very very hard. I went 1.48,1.48,1.48,1.46 by round and held 29s on the 50s back. My consistency I believe reflects my conditioning and I am very happy with my endurance. After number 3 i was hurting pretty badly but my coach started rallying me and told me i can go a 1.46, he suggested backing off the 1st 100 just a little bit and then to push the 3rd 50 hard, which i did and then just tried pushing through the pain on the last 50. The kick set I held between 1min and 1.03s and again felt good. I have a little swelling in my right knee that does get aggregated by fly kick for some reason, so towards the end of the kick set I eased off a little bit. The 300 free and 200 IM we're swum aerobically and I went 3.15 on the 300 and 2.40 on the IM. The final 100 I went 53 which I actually thought would be quicker based on how I felt. That said I was very happy with a 53 at the end of this practice. As i look back the 200s felt great despite the pain and i was very happy with the set. I think with some concerted focus the 200 can be my standout event. I will start back in the weight room next week so next week will be a very painful achy week I am sure!!!

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