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The Eggplant that Ate Chicago

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May 12th 2009.

With less than 4 weeks until the big swim, I'm running out of time to re-acclimatise myself to the cold.

Sick of sitting in a cold bath with only my hives for company, I ventured into Ohio St Beach, Chicago, for a quick immersion in Lake Michigan. My friend Liz went with me, though she vowed she wasn't coming in to rescue me should the need arise. Hmmmm. I was also accompanied by my good friend Stanley, and Pepe, my newly acquired Epipen (in case of apopleptic shock).

What a beautiful day! Sunny, outside air temperature in the high 60's and smooth, blue waters.

Water temperature supposedly in the high 40's

My thermometer read 51-52, and I'm going with that!

I set a modest goal of 20 minutes, as I wanted the day to be a success. Longer swims can come later.

25 minutes later I emerged feeling great! Shivery of course, but not too bad
I was red all over, like a sunburn, but not a hive in sight

Lunch in the sun at Bubba Gump's defrosted me and we headed home.

Determined to insulate myself as much as possible, I stopped by the Haagen Daaz store on the way to the carpark.

Me: "I'll have the dulce Sunday please"

Haagen Daaz girl: "ok"

Me: "how much will that be?"

HD Girl: "that'll be $8.50"

Me: "$8.50?"

HD Girl: "$8.50."

Me: "$8.50?"

HD Girl: "$8.50."

Me: (discreetly looking for a price list) "$8.50?"

Thinking I'd heard wrong (people talk funny in Chicago) I handed her a $20. $11.50 came back to me accompanied by a delicious treat. oh well!

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  1. chaos's Avatar
    people in chicago do talk funny.
    glad the hives are gone!
  2. Bobinator's Avatar
    That's the beach where "Big Shoulder's" starts....the water sure is alot warmer in September!
    Good swim Chicken! You are a brave and hardy soul!
  3. Chicken of the Sea's Avatar
    I love swimming at Ohio St!!
  4. jim thornton's Avatar
    Amanda, I don't think I know a single other person on earth besides possibly myself that would post her Haagen Daaz whopper receipt on a swimming blog.


    Also, did you harvest any looks and/or police inquiries? It seems that around here if you swim in an Amish mudhole in July, some good Samaratin will conclude you are trying to kill yourself and call the cops to shoot you if you won't stop.

    Maybe Chicago doesn't worry about possible self-drowners. There are bigger crimes to worry about and chase down the perps for.
  5. jim thornton's Avatar
    PS I heartily suggest everyone with a heart click on the above link and make a modest (or immodest) donation to your friend Amanda's charitable braving of hives and 26 miles of floating garbage for the good of others!

    I did, and I feel like a better person for my $3 donation by Visa! (Actually, I am being modest here. I donated 5 times this amount. No fiduciary pain no spiritual gain.)
  6. Chicken of the Sea's Avatar
    I did get a few looks! Having an audience sure kept me from running screaming from the water
    There were a couple of other guys swimming too (wetsuits).

    Thanks for the donation Jimbo!