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2|2|14 - 25 minutes of SCM

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by , February 2nd, 2014 at 06:07 PM (302 Views)
Got to pool and had 50 minutes before I had to be at work.

It was ultra-short in many regards (short effort, short rest and distances, wore two pairs of shorts, and had a short workout), but I didn't push anywhere close to the required "fail" point. So I kinda fell - short of accomplishing the Ultra Short Training effect.

31*12.5M on 0:40 sprint free, DFS, 50 RP
  • concentrate on form, even while splashing through the water
  • mostly 7's, with possible 6's, and likely a few 8's

Recalling a recent on-the-fly experiment where I found my wall-pushed 25 free times were mildly quicker with a glide and no kicking UW. Today I found the UWDK from a dive ones were maybe half second quicker, verses the wall pushed ones done in the earlier quasi-experiment*

*done near max effort but at a slower than 50 RP

I think of two possible reasons for this: First, the prior experiment produced acidic blood and the swimming part suffered from the extra energy expenditure of dolphin kicking (todays set was LA free). The second reason could be related to the different variables between diving and pushing from the wall. Probably due to both, but more research is needed to conclude this (though I never seem to follow up on these continued experimental conclusions).

The timing method was somewhat rough, but there is something to note from volume related trends. The procedure went like the following: Once I walked to the side's starting point (with about 10 seconds to spare after hopping out of the pool and stumbling there), upright with feet in position and eyes on the watch, as I noticed the 8 change to 9, I would quickly bend and reach down, grab the side, and launch - close to about a one second difference (compared to a static reaction from a loaded start position). There was a pipe marking mid-pool that cued my finish. This workout was shorter than its respective blog.

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