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Feb. 10-11

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by , February 11th, 2014 at 06:04 PM (997 Views)

Monday: Drylands @ LA Fitness

RC ex
face pulls, 60 x 4 x 15
rear delt fly, 75 x 3 x 8
kneeling ab crunch, 110 x 3 x 15
explosive leg press, 175 x 3 x 15
fast alternating arm press on double cable machine, 40 x 3 x 30
extreme angle goblet squats on stacked steps, 50 x 4 x 8
DB pulls to waist from plank position, 40 x 3 x 20
squat jumps w/bar, 45 x 2 x 8
good mornings, warm ups, 80 x 4 x 8

Stretching/yoga, 30 minutes

-- As I was stretching, I was watching the Olympics. And, once again, I was puzzled as to how curling can be an olympic sport when there is no athleticism whatsoever involved ..

Tuesday: Swim/SCY/Solo @ Pitt

Warm up:

-- I cut this really short since I was running late.

500 various
4 x 25 shooters w/fins @ :45
50 EZ

Main Sets:

4 x 25 burst SDK + cruise @ 1:00
50 EZ

4 x 100 power kick from the blocks with open turns @ 3:00
-- 2 back and 2 belly
100 EZ

40 x 25 w/fins @ :30
odds = fly @ 100 pace
evens = EZ backstroke kick
100 EZ

5 x 75 strong dolphin kick w/board & fins @ 1:30
--- legs were really burning on these from yesterday's weights
125 EZ

3 x (25 AFAP + 25 EZ) @ 3:00
-- started to get a calf cramp and so stopped
100 EZ

Total: 3150


A few observations:

1. My fly and free have felt awful since re-starting drylands. And it's been almost 2 years since I've done much upper body stuff bc of my elbow.
2. Perhaps bc of #1, I've done hardly any freestyle in practice. I was doing a lot of it in the fall and it felt great then.
3. Still frustrated with my lungs. The 100 power kicks seem really hard, which means I should do them more often. I'm worried my negativity about this will spill over into my 100 races. I don't feel like the same swimmer that threw down a 1:08 in the 100 back SCM a couple years ago.
4. But happily, I will be flying to CA on Friday to see Teen Fort and for some much needed sunshine. I suspect I'll just take a few days off since I will have Lil Fort with me.

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  1. thewookiee's Avatar
    What are "power kicks"
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by thewookiee
    What are "power kicks"
    Each length I try to go 12.5 or so UW in a streamline dolphin kick position and then cruise the rest of the way. No stopping at the turn.
  3. Chris Stevenson's Avatar
    once again, I was puzzled as to how curling can be an olympic sport when there is no athleticism whatsoever involved
    There is an article in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine that discusses the physical demands of curling; the abstract is below. I'm not sure if the full article is generally available or if my university paid for access. But hard sweeping, at least, seems pretty demanding, and the switch from sweeping to shooting probably requires that you be in pretty good shape so your HR will recover between the two.

    Curling is a sport played on ice in which two teams each deliver
    8 granite stones towards a target, or ‘house’. It is the only sport
    in which the trajectory of the projectile can be influenced after it
    has been released by the athlete. This is achieved by sweeping
    the ice in front of the stone to change the stone-ice friction and
    thereby enable to stone to travel further, curl more or stay
    straight. Hard sweeping is physically demanding. Different
    techniques of sweeping can also have different effects on the
    stone. This paper will review the current research behind sweeping
    a curling stone, outline the physiological demands of sweeping,
    the associated performance effects and suggest potential
    strategies of sweeping that can be used by both coaches and
    curling teams.
    Full article:

    I originally saw this link in an article on Slate that wondered why Olympic curling isn't co-ed.