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Bambi and Thumper and more

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It was wonderfully foggy this morning in the predawn dark as I left for the pool. In the parking lot a rabbit darted in front of my car, then stopped, cocked its head, and gazed at me, rooted in place. I turned my lights on and off to see if that would scare it off, but it didn’t move, so I drove slowly around the little creature on the way out. On the way to the pool silvery outlines of deer took shape on the side of the road—a sight I’m used to, only today instead of grazing at the highway’s shoulder, they were walking along the breakdown lane on a mile-long bridge over an inlet. Go figure!

The pool was crowded—people had to actually circle!--and I ended up sharing a lane with 3 other masters swimmers for the following workout:

300 lcm warmup

16 x 50 @ 1:00, alternating 2 BK, 2 FR

3x thru, descending 200s
200 FR
2 x 50 ST

4 x 400, alternating pull with paddles and FR/BK swim

That was it. My back was feeling better this morning, but kicking and flip turns still hurt so I didn’t do much of them. I’m encouraged that things are improving though. On the wringing-lemonade-from-lemons front, this injury does help me realize when I'm arching my back and losing my core support on my stroke (almost always on my right-arm catch when breathing to my left). But it's definitely annoying that after a year of springboard diving I ended up hurting myself going off a silly starting block!

During workout a bald eagle was hanging out near the pool, flying in circles and roosting for stretched at the small pond that’s nearby. (I saw the age group coach watching something over there, and asked him what was going on). Very cool!

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