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Ultraswim is comin to town...

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so practice will be off until next week. They are really spiffin up the place. Paintin' the lines on the pavement out front and puttin down fresh sod. They say the tickets are sold out. I hope to go to the prelims Thurs or Fri. as I am leaving for Cozumel for a scuba trip Sat. Hope to do some OW water swimming...but should I be afraid of sharks?
Warm up
200 choice

I think we did this 3 times:
100 Free
50 stk
100 Free

100 stk
50 free
100 skk

kick 2 sets of
3 times 50 on 1:10
3 times 50 on 1:20
3 times 50 on 1:30

some other kicking
and then I worked on the stroke from Karlyn's seminar. During practice I also concentrated on changing my stroke. It is shorter faster strokes and no shoulder rotation. On the first 25yds I love it. I feel powerful and in control. But shorter, faster stroke might take more endurance. Maybe that is just me. THe stroke feels good to my body but maybe because I am pensive or tense I wear out. I love the secret weapon flip turn.
I believe that on a rested and relaxed 50, plus the bullet flip turn I may have knocked 2 seconds off my usual 50. But before I come to any conclusions I want to do this consistently. Also I worry about anything over 50 yds, but I might just be tense and hesitant that I am using correct position. This may or may not make any sense.

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Updated May 13th, 2009 at 10:12 AM by flippergirl



  1. qbrain's Avatar
    We were in Cancun about this time last year, and you should be afraid waves/undertow. The beach was red flagged the entire time we were there, so be safe before you try any walk out dives. If you are just sticking with the organized dives, then nothing to worry about.

    Also, be afraid of the drinking water, fresh fruit or vegatables. We got sick with two days left in our vaca, it sucked. We are pretty sure that it was some pico. Dumb us.
  2. flippergirl's Avatar
    Thanks for the warning.* We picked up some Tamaflu to take just in case the "swine flu" for some wild reason finds us. I will watch for undertow. The dives there are all called "drift dives" so we will go with a dive master I am sure. It was kind of a spur of the moment trip.* Feeling excited about that. Never been to that part of the world.Thanks for the reminder on drinking water. No salsa? Bummer.
    Updated May 13th, 2009 at 05:58 PM by flippergirl
  3. KEWebb18's Avatar
    It sounds like you really got a lot out of that clinic.
    Good luck on your trip! Have fun!
  4. Atlantic's Avatar
    Hope you get to see some of the Ultraswim! Have a blast in Cozumel... I'm ready for some ocean swimming too!
  5. flippergirl's Avatar
    Thanks Katie and Atlantic! I hope to get to see some of the Ultraswim tomorrow.