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Still ten for ten on toes

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by , February 13th, 2014 at 10:08 PM (1243 Views)
It was cloudy, cold, and windy this morning at our 6am masters workout. With the full moon, I was hoping for a simultaneous moonset and sunrise, but the clouds revealed neither. Still, the dramatic dark clouds moving across the sky were plenty entertaining to watch as I did the following team+solo combo workout:

400 lcm warmup

4 x 150 (kick/swim/kick)

50 easy

5 x 100 FR @ 1:45, best average [1:28-1:30, avg. 1:29]

5 x 50 non-free @ 1:10

4 x 100 drill/swim, choice

400 FR pull w/paddles

12 x 100 FR/BK halfsies, 3 each @ 2:00, 1:55, 1:50, 1:45, desc. each set of 3 [1:36, 37, 37, 36 on fast ones]

Magic 700, alternating fast FR / easy BK

800 warmdown + play

That was it! On the warmdown I was backstroking along, watching what I first took as a bird-shaped kite flying nearby. It turned out to be our resident bald eagle air-surfing the gusty breezes. After I turned over and did a few strokes of freestyle, I thought about my feet trailing behind me, and how they might look vaguely fish-shaped from above, and decided to kick a little harder instead of just letting them trail behind me. It must have worked!

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  1. BrendaL's Avatar
    That sounds pretty magical!