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2|15|14 and 2|16|14

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by , February 16th, 2014 at 02:57 PM (270 Views)



about 20 x 25 on 2:00 free from 95%E to AFAP
  • kept them in 15s range with a few in the 14's
  • noticed I am not any faster at 100%E than slightly less

10 TD's



10 x 25 on 1:00 free, 90%, 1 breath

  • tried to let my form get me to the wall in 15s, most were high's to 16's

10 x 25 on 1:00 free, 90%, S, alternated by 50m with and without fins

  • fins help about 1.5 sec per 25

400 drill, F

SCY meet next weekend

50 back - goal is to loosen up and stay warm until the 50 free to avoid block anxiety
50 free - no goals, I've already done the work, will leave mind in the warm-up pool
100 free - either a genuine 100 or 50 fr SR
Available for 4 relays - would like to do one (or more) for the spirit.

Will have a split request form ready for the 100 free in case I don't make some relay's. I seeded a 1:05, right in the middle of each estimated time if done as a sandbagged 100, or SR. If SR I shouldn't finish too much over 5 seconds behind, but it will hurt, and yes, 100 SCY free is a long distance for me when done in the SR fashion.

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