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After a long rest

Week 73 - Tuesday

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Executives at my company get an all day physical annually at the Coopers Clinic in Dallas. I had one in 2007 and had somehow managed to avoid it since. I am a typical male and avoid the doctor like the plague. At my annual review my chairman told me he was insisting on me taking a physical this year. Today was my day and as a result I had to fast and avoid exercise 24 hrs before the physical. It was very interesting comparing all my stats from this one to my last. Everything came back stellar. My body weight was 180 today, body fat 13.5%, stress test I lasted 30 mins on the tread mill and could have gone longer but my knee started to swell. I had the full body MRI and got the all clear on all organs, blood work was within the normal ranges on everything. My cholesterol level was high but primarily it was my HDL so all was good. Tonight I decided to go to the pool for a swim. I was tired tonight and I put this down to lack of food today combined with the stress test.

Warm up
1000 swim with snorkel

Main sets
12x50 2 turn 50s on 45
15x100 swum 5-4-3-2-1 starting on 1.20 and descending 5 each cycle
4x(4x25 underwater on 35, 4x50 free on 40, 100 back on 1.40)

Total 4400scy

Nothing really impressive tonight. I made the main set but was tired and sluggish throughout.

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  1. fdtotten's Avatar
    That kind of physical is far more comprehensive than what is provided in most employer provided health plans. Congratulations on your excellent results!
  2. ekw's Avatar
    Wow, that's an impressive physical. My insurance only covers a very basic physical every two years. Congrats on the results!
  3. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Yes this was very extensive. I arrived at 8am and finished at 4pm. I had normal things like blood work and urine samples but did a full body MRI, vocal chord exam and pictures, nutritionist, physical trainer, stress test, vision and hearing, dermatologist and probably a few more I don't want to remember related to being a 40+ year old male if you know what I mean. The coolest part of this is that my company pays for it outside of insurance. It's another reason why I love my firm. They really do care about my health. Having this much work done is always a little intimidating for me but it was great I got the two thumbs up on my health.