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Wednesday, February 19. 2014

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by , February 19th, 2014 at 10:27 PM (408 Views)
Air temp of 75, pool at 83
Sunny skies with humidity at 66%

Warm up
400 REV IM

*Set 1*
4(5x100 FR on 1:30, 1:00 rest) desc 100s 1-5
rd1 *1:15-1:12 w/drag suit-snorkel
rd2 *1:13-1:10 w/drag suit
rd3 *1:11-1:09 w/drag suit-snorkel
rd4 *1:11-1:08
---200 BK Swim
---8x25 BK on :30 Steady *17s-16s

*Set 2*
3(5x100 on 1:45, 1:00 rest) *1:12s-1:09s
/w (m)agility paddles-snorkel-tube-buoy
---200 BR Kick

*Set 3*
300 Fly as 4(50DR/25Swim)
16x25 Fly on :40, *16s-15s
---200 BK kick

*Set 4*
10x50 Bk on :50, *38-36

Warm down
200 IM EZ
100 IM EZ

I still have some training aches from a strong dry-land strength session on Monday, and yesterday I did some quality IM sets including fast 25s of all strokes. This week I am feeling better in the water, but so far the training results indicate it will take some time before I am at the strength, power and water feel I had last four months ago. I am trying out a slightly oversized brief style mesh drag suit for a few sessions.

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