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Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine

Workout 12/20/14: evening

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Well, we survived the adventure! The two miles up a mountain to the cabin were, well, long. And steep. But we worked through some issues (I ended up pulling two sleds with cooking stuff and other people's personal items) and arrived to a cold cabin. But lots of firewood, so I had the shanty blazing hot in no time. We laughed at some of the misteps (which were king-sized due to the snowshoes), ate some warm food and played Apples to Apples before S'Mores and bed. I plan to blog about this elsewhere, and will post a link in a future post because I am sure you are all wondering why I'd plan for this in the winter after a 20+" snowstorm!

I was going to skip the pool tonight, but had time and went for a quick swim before Bible class at the college:

200 FR/200 BK/200 IM Drill
400 Shark Swim
4 x 50 Quarter's Strong FR
4 x 50 Burst and Cruise IMO
150 loosen and out
(Solo/Rec/1550 yds/30 min)

I was bushed after getting home and unloading gear. I jumped right into the hot tub, then finished some reading so decided to get in a quick swim. GregJS was there, fighting the the swim team kids in the fast lane - I stayed in the medium lane and went with traffic.

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