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Friday, February 21, 2014

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by , February 21st, 2014 at 05:45 PM (405 Views)
SCY@FMAC 77 partly cloudy, water 80
Cloudy skies with humidity at 73%

Warm up
400 REV IM
12x50 FR on :50 desc 1-4 3x *37s-33s

*Set 1*
4x150 on 2:30 desc 1-4 *1:49-1:40, RI
4x100 on 1:45 desc 1-4 *1:09-1:06, RI
4x50 on 1:00 desc 1-4 *32-28
/w snorkel, med-agility paddles
---200 BK Swim

*Set 2*
500 BK w/fins as 4(75 steady, 25 strong), 1:00 rest, RI
5x100 BK w/fins on 1:30, steady effort *1:06s-1:05
---200 BR Kick

*Set 3*
3(4x25 UW SDK on :30, 1:00) w/fins *12-11s
---200 DK/bk
10(4x25 Fly on :30, :15 rest) 4x25 as 25LA/25LA/25RA/25Fast
/w snorkel-fins, medAP
/Fast 25s *13-12s
---200 FR CU

*Set 4*
400 FR as 4(75 DPS/25 Strong) w/snorkel-fins-medAP
4(4x25 FR on :30, :30 rest) odd/25s Fast, even/25s smooth CU
/w fins-snorkel-medAP
/Fast 25s *12,11+s,11s,10
---4x50 FR on 1:00 as 25CU/25DPS
4(2x25 FR on :20, :40 Rest) 25s as 25/1 smooth DPS, 25/2 AFAP
/smooth 25s *16s-15
/AFAP 25s *13s-12

Warm down
8x50 FR steady on 1:00 *36s
100 IM EZ

Today was a nice surprise at FMAC, the water temp 80, instead of 83 or so.

Training aches are still present, but less nagging as my body appears to be adapting gradually along with band stretches and self massage. I still primarily use the smaller size medium agility paddles rather the large size ones, since doing proper stroke technique with viable water feel is not yet sustainable with the larger size paddles when swimming FR at Strong and AFAP effort levels. I was able to use the large paddles with FR effective for quality sets early last fall and late summer.

At this point I feel that I have returned to a level of swimming fitness where I can begin engaging in two or three quality training sets per workout at three to four sessions each week along with recovery workouts and a rest day. When doing 25s LA and RA type drills, based on times it appears that my left side is slower or weaker, so I am working to build the side up more.

I did Set 1 with my friend Greg, going 10 seconds behind his send off, that was good motivation. I have to do more of that, swimming with someone, since FGCU pools are down Coach Chuck is coaching at a pool in Naples, and there are many solo workout days I do not inspire myself enough.

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