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After a long rest

DAM SMU Meet 2014

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I had some great races today but came out on the wrong side of some close finishes in all my events. Despite the disappointment of loosing races I REALLY had fun today.

Todays events and times

50 back 27.08
50 fly 25.55
500 free 5:04.91
200 free 1:51.61
100 IM 59.10

i was very sore when I woke this morning but loosened up pretty good in warmup. I have never swum a 50 fly or a 100 IM in scy so I can officially say I had life time best times in those events. The other times are ok but not that quick. As I said though to some extend the times were irrelevant today because I got to race and that was a lot of fun.

The only crumby thing today was that I missed my daughters meet where she had a bog break out. She dropped time in all of her races and in the 100 IM dropped 10 seconds and her 200 free where she dropped 12 seconds. Her other events she dropped 2 seconds in each and considering one of these was a 50 free she rocked. Unfortunately I missed her swim due to this meet. At least I get to see her swim tomorrow!!

Its been a good weekend in the Carroll household so far!

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Updated February 22nd, 2014 at 07:23 PM by StewartACarroll

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  1. pwb's Avatar
    Sounds like a great weekend in the Carroll household.

    I just caught up with your blog and saw your mile time. I would've been impressed with that without knowing about your 5,300 morning workout; knowing that you pulled a double on race makes that time look all the better.
  2. cclarke's Avatar
    Very respectable un tapered times. The 200 stands out to me since you did 3 races before that. Nice work!
  3. knelson's Avatar
    Yeah, that's a lot of swimming for one day. All nice swims and congrats to your daughter!
  4. flystorms's Avatar
    Great job to your whole household!
  5. ndauksavage's Avatar
    How did Abi do today? Hope she is continuing her big break out swims!
  6. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Thanks everyone. I had a lot of fun. I will hopefully be a little more rested for the zone meet in a month and swim a little quicker. When I met with Tom a few weeks back we decided not to do another taper before worlds, but we will do a week of rest for zones.

    Today was day two of my daughters meet and I helped out on deck by timing. My daughter had another awesome day dropping 6 seconds on her 100 breast, 2 seconds on her 100 free and just under 17 seconds on her 200 IM. She added more A times to her growing list. Despite a terrific meet she is beating herself up because she did not get her TAGS cuts. Sound familiar!! I am trying to focus on having fun and celebrating her time drops but she and I are quite alike and she always wants to do more.
  7. chowmi's Avatar
    WHAT!!! How did I miss seeing you??? Oh yeah, I was sleeping out in the lobby, heh heh! Great times! See you at the Woodlands!!!