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Monday, February 24, 2014

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by , February 24th, 2014 at 05:47 PM (581 Views)
74 Sunny, humidity 66%, 80 water

200 REV IM
200 FR as 25DR/25S

*Set 1*
12x50 on :50 FR as 4(50-25RA/25LA, 50CU, 50DPS)
---100 BK
4x50 FR on :40, desc 1-4 *34-33-33-33
---50 BK
8x25 FR on :20, *16-16-16-15-16-16-16-16
8x25 FR on :20, *16-16-16-16-15-15-16-16
---100 BK
4x50 FR on :40, desc 1-4 *33-33-33-33
---100 BK

*Set 2*
20x50 FR on :50, target pace 33, with snorkel, m-AP
*1-5) 34, 6-15) 33, 16-20) 32
---100 BK
4x50 FR on :40, desc 1-4 *33-32-32-32
---100 BK K/bk w/fins

*Set 3*
5x200 FR on 2:40 w/snorkel, L-AP, fins, DPS/build effort by 50
*2:15, 2:14, 2:11, 2:10, 2:09
---100 DK/bk w/fins
8x25 UW SDK w/fins on :40 *13-12s

*Set 4*
3(4x25 Fly on :30, :15 rest) as 25K/25RA/25LA/25Fast
/with snorkel, mAP
---50 BK
4x25 Fly fast on :40 *14s
---50 FR CU
3(4x25 FR on :30, :15 rest) as 25CU/25RA/25LA/25Fast
/with snorkel, mAP
---50 BK
4x25 FR fast on :40 *14-13s

---50 FR DPS

Warm Down
10x50 FR on :50, *37-35
100 IM EZ

Sunday I swim 30 minutes OW north of Captiva with my friend Greg, with our wives in the boat along with my daughter, then we had lunch at a North Captiva Island restaurant entertained by a pretty good two person band of acoustic guitar, vocals, and percussion. It was a beautiful SWF sunny day with 70 water that included some unusual late morning lingering fog.

I have been wearing a training drag suit the entire workouts for about a week now so that it feels normal. Focusing on accurate interval times, I get ready one second before, then push off exactly on the actual send-off. When my hand(s) touch the wall I look for my time.

The results in Set 1 doing 4x50 on :40 are my best so far this year. Although the times are not descending as I intended, I felt like I was descending my effort 50% to 100%. I believe in 2-4 weeks, I may be able to do this training set starting at 33 or 32 and take it down under 30. Getting stronger and fitter towards sustaining the stroke technique as it needs to be while concurrently increasing applied power will be the difference.

Also the results in Sets 3 & 4 were breakthrough performances so far this year as well. Swimming the 200s with the combination of fins-snorkel-paddles is to focus engaging an EVF on each arm/shoulder extension into a steady rotational follow through. The AP (agility paddles) assists with water feel and integration of hand with the forearm, and the fins assist with a supportive streamlining kick unified with core centric side to side axis rotation.

After 3000 yards training with strong efforts and quality sets my arms are getting tired, where swimming fast 25s in Set 4 were challenging, but the results were acceptable considering the desired stroke technique was still manageable. During the warm down swim of 10x50s, the last four 50s were relaxed and smooth holding 35s.

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