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After a long rest

Week 74 - Tuesday

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I woke up pretty tired this morning. My allergies have been causing me some nasal drainage and laying down tends to give me a sore throat and suspect I snored last night. I was asked to be at the pool before 5am this morning to assist my friend who has classes that start early for her nursing school. I ended up swimming for about 90 minutes today and despite only swimming 4800 I was even more beat when I was done. Today was a mix of fast intense swimming.

500 free with snorkel
10x50 catchup on 50

Main sets
12x50 two turn on 50
6x200 swum as odd free even IM on 2.30
12*25 free on 20 race pace for 200
8x50 two turn on 50
8x25 free on 20 race pace for 200.
6x25 ofreen 25 race pace for 100
8x25 freeon 30 race pace for 100
12x50 kick 45.

Warm down
200 double arm back(should have done 500 ez but ran out of time)

Total 4850 scy

I was holding 13-14s on the 200 based 25s and 12-13's on the 100's based 25s. The 100s in particular were very hard for me today, I just could not really get going.

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  1. cclarke's Avatar
    How did you do on the 6x200's? 2:30 interval with (3) 200IM's thrown in is pretty fast!
  2. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by cclarke
    How did you do on the 6x200's? 2:30 interval with (3) 200IM's thrown in is pretty fast!
    i cruised the free going 2.05-2.07 and then held 2.25s on the IMs. The IMs were not easy by any stretch but I tried to relax and they did not feel too bad. I tend to do well on sets where I get into a rhythm and today on the short broken swims I struggled. One of the reasons I wanted to do more pace work during the season was to work on swimming fast whether I am feeling it or not. Based on today's feel I have a long way to go.