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Swim like an Orca, but faster !

Fish out of water...

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My dryland program started last fall with the dryland program I read in Janet Evans Total Swimming book, then "The Complete Conditioning for Swimming" (Salo/Riewald) book. I learned more from reading Ande and Chris's blogs, then trying the Lezak program, (Also many other blogs that mention some form of dryland training) Thus far, my routine is;

The Plan is 3x a week, trying to stay with M-W-F...

Caterpillars ~ 10
Assisted Pull-ups/dips 2x8 ea. 120 then 110
Hang 45's (hang from a pull up bar for 45 seconds, RI 1:00)
Upper Routine (alt with Lower routine, never on the same day)
Incline Hammer Chest Press 3x12 30lb.
Seated One-Arm Curls 3x8 30lb.
Bench one arm lifts 3x (12x30, then 8x40)
Wide Lat Pull Down 3x12 80 / 100 / 120
Narrow grip row 3x12 80 /90

Cable Cross
( w/ both routines everytime)
Two arm pull down (just like the fly) 3x12 20/22.5/25 each arm
Alt Arm Backstroke Simulator Pull down 3x12 12/15
Tri Press 3x12 15
Seated (Ball) Shoulder Raise 3x12 5/10

Lower Routine (alt w/ Upper routine)
Hip Adduction 3x8 50/60
Hip Abduction 3x8 50/60
Seated Leg Extensions 3x12 50 / 60
Leg Curls 3x12 50 / 60
Squats 3x12 80 / 90 /100

Stability Ball(after the above, everytime)
Crunches 3x12
Back Extensions 3x12
After each rep, I do various Medicine Ball throw downs, russian twist, and flexibility exercises.

I also do various stability ball exercises and some pilates routines to stretch after workouts at home.
Its been a challenge to fit in how much weigh/dryland I can handle with the swim workouts.

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