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So Mad about Hotel Deception!

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by , March 1st, 2014 at 09:19 AM (724 Views)
I am sooo mad!!!

I entered the South Central zone meet, then went to make my hotel reservation. I have stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn, The Woodlands, many times and was all set to do so again. So I searched for it, and THOUGHT I went directly to their website. I booked an awesome rate ($107 plus fees, etc), and then realized upon getting the confirm that it was with some service called Reservation Counter, and not directly with the hotel! I swear, the website looked JUST like it! So a few hours later, I called the hotel directly to make sure they had my reservation. They did, but it still irks me! And the web address was so similar that you know they were trying to fool you!!!

For those who want the finer points - remember your reservation is with the service, and not necessarily with the hotel itself. This service could just take your money and not make a booking. Or go out of business or file bankruptcy and not make your reservation. You would hope, but you aren't necessariy going to get your hotel room. And it cost a whopping $12 more for their stupid service vs. booking through the hotel itself, grrrr!!!!!!!

In the end i'll be alright, worst case rarely happens, and plus I used my credit card, so if something does go wrong and I end up with no room, I don't have to pay it. But you just don't want that aggravation going into your big zone meet! I guess this also shows how being a bankruptcy trustee, you know the finer points of how these things can happen!

In training news, i'm continuing my kick/IM/sprint days. I've gone back over Rich Abaraham's 2 articles from 2010 and 2011 on racing. The part i'm paying attention to is which zone you are in. I think of it as 3 zones - pure power zone (anaerobic; like powering through the 1st 15 meters of a race, or a 1/2 length blow out sprint), zone 2, which is racing zone; and zone 3, which is the "80% yardarage zone". And even though they aren't mutually exclusive, you have to train the appropriate amount of time in the right zone (zone 2), and not be stuck in zone 3 for me as a short sprinter (50/100's).

SCM, Baylor Fitness Center

We did a set of IM -
4 rounds
4 x 25's 1 each stroke (.35)
2 x 50 on 1:05 (fly/back and breast/free)
1 x 100 IM fast on 2:30


The first 2 rounds I did the set. But I found myself more in zone 3 than in zone 2. I was just trying to get through the IM at the end. So the next 2 sets I started to drop the IM bits and did easy free instead, to set myself up for a truly fast 100 IM. It worked! The 1:14 was my best 100 IM in practice!

I'm glad I made that decision part way through the set to make it meaningful for me. I think it's a great set to do as proscribed if i'm building a base for the 400IM, or the 200IM. But this year it's all about the 100IM!

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  1. pwb's Avatar
    That's why, except when their rates are crazy in downtown San Francisco or I don't have a choice, I stay at Marriotts all the time. Besides their generally consistent quality, Marriott's a USMS sponsor.
  2. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Those are some great SCM IM times in practice. That last one was not that much slower than your meet time this fall which is awesome at the end of a set like that. Great job.