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Friday, Nov. 7

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Woke up early this morning to put Mini-Fort on a bus for a 3 day travel meet in NC. Still tired and was a bit unmotivated when I hit the pool today, which is somewhat unusual for me ... Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow since the soccer season is over.

PM Swim:

400 swim
200 kick
100 fly drill

12 x 100 on 2:00
#1-4: power kick with fins
(15 UW fast dolphin kick on belly, 10 easy free each length)
#5-8: backstroke kick
#9-12: 50 breast/50 free

100 EZ

24 x 25, alternate EZ/AFAP
(4 free, 4 back, 4 fly fast)

100 EZ

50 back AFAP (cramped)

100 EZ

Total: 2850

I had trouble with cramping again today. Going to book a sports massage! Planning on hitting the gym tomorrow.

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