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3|2|14 SCM 30+ min

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500 fr, S
  • 8:40's

4 x 50 fr on 1:30 (as 25m 95% E sprint / 25m easy)
500 fr, S (as 25m 95% E sprint / 475m recovery)
  • 8:32

550 fr, S (as 25m 95% E sprint / 525m recovery)
  • 9:04

Sprints felt easy, smooth, and fluid. Didn't notice any errors at speed either.

Lifted weights during my lunch -
Warmed up, then did 3 sets of:
  • incline DB BP (50's)
  • DB rows (30's)
  • DB curl to shoulder press at slow motion (30's)
  • step-ups on bench lunges holding DB's (35's)
  • wrist curls
  • upright DB rows (10's)

Need to force myself to always go super light doing any lat exercises (e.g., pulldowns, rows) because my right lateral deltoid muscle has been messed up for almost 2 years - totally weaker than the left. I never really allowed it heal as I seem to train it like I'm 20. If it's not too late, maybe I can gradually rejuvinate if I go easy.

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Updated March 3rd, 2014 at 12:13 AM by __steve__