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3|8|14 scm drills - 25 min

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Found a small window of time to swim.

Stroke felt dull from the 5.3Km yesterday so I did 1K of drills.

Tried a new drill: With fins on holding steady and narrow kick tempo, and fists closed, did the equivalent to the finger drag but the fist was fully submersed while other fist (and forearm) worked with propulsive counter resistance. Finding my left shoulder down rotation still needs tuning, as well as the resulting UW stroke (left in / out sweeps too close to center not allowing full use of lat, side, and torso strength).

Did a 50 flutter kick for time:
confident :00 start and touched at 43-44 transition (true 0:44 flat)

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Updated March 8th, 2014 at 01:15 PM by __steve__