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80 x 25 Sunday

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by , March 9th, 2014 at 05:12 PM (1527 Views)
First time I've done this workout in a while, so I felt like I was working the rust out. But I needed the shorter reps and longer rest to feel myself swimming faster... otherwise it's easy to swim myself into a rut. Also, it was good to swim against Scotty again... schedules just hadn't worked out over the last couple of weeks.

Here's how it went:

Warm-up (500):
400 EZ (100 fr, bk, fr, br)
100 IM

MS (2400):
20 x 25 fly on :45 (:22-:23)
100 recovery + master's minute
20 x 25 bk on :45 (:20-:22)
100 recovery + master's minute
20 x 25 br on :45 (:24-:26)
100 recovery + master's minute
20 x 25 fr on :45 (:15-:17)
100 recovery

--The 20 x 25 sets take 15 minutes to complete, so we started a new set every 20 minutes to allow for a little recovery.

Cool-Down (600):
400 IM on 8:00 (6:51)
200 EZ free

3500 SCY/1h45m

With the exception of freestyle, my times seemed a bit slow... maybe a second on fly, a couple of seconds on back, compared to where I was a month and a half ago on this workout. Freestyle doesn't seem to have suffered as much, but I've been paying a lot closer attention to my stroke counts than I was before, even if I haven't been putting in as many yards. Today I had a lot of reps in :16 with 16 strokes, which seems pretty balanced to me.

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