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joel schmaltz

Sat 3/8/14

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Due to the fact that I am just now entering this and I didnt grab my copy, i cant remember the entire w/o or the intervals. Getting older.

200 swim
6 x 100 (25 k on bk, 50 swim, 25 kick on side)
6 x 25 sprint kick
6 x 50 w/overkick and descend stroke count

6 x 50 bk/br by 25 focus on turns
4 x 75 (50bk, 25br)
2 x 100 (25 fly, 50 bk, 25 br)
100 IM

The set I cant remember...then

400 broken for 15 at the 200 negative split
300 broken for 10 at the 150 negative split
200 broken for 5 at each 50 descend
100 off the blocks followed by 60 sec of verticle kicking

Quick 100 w/d

Almost 70 here this weekend so we spent most of it working in the yard. Long overdue and still have a long way to go.
The wife and I did find time to head out for a nice meal Sat night. Very nice except that when I was pulling through the parking lot, a very young lady backed into my truck making a nice dent in my passenger door. Her comment to me was "Didn't you see me backing out?" So I have that to deal with this week. Almost glad it was my truck and not the wifes. We just got hers out of the shop from a similar incident. Guess we should just stay home

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