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More sprint stuff

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by , March 12th, 2014 at 07:24 PM (445 Views)
I am continuing with sprint stuff. Yesterday I was focusing on doing IM sprints, and today is a day off and yoga. But not until I digest some of this panang, pad thai, and tom yum something or other. You know, the tart chicken soup with coconut milk.

Fly set (it's fraternity of flyers month!)
16 x 25's
Odd smooth free
even alternate drill/swim fast

IM set.
I customized a boring 12 x 75's into
1 fast broken 75 IM (3 total) 25/5 seconds
easy swim
so roughly, about every 4:30 i'd be going a sprint 75 IM.


You can extrapolate and say, maybe between 16-18 seconds for a 25 free to get a 100IM time. But it's not exact. Sometimes i'd be short/long on the 5 seconds. But roughly there. Well under 1:00 but well over :50. This is a great set for me. I was able to really dig deep on the last one. Was able to really engage sprinting, especially on the breastroke. But still off from doing a race-pace IM - i'd like to be closer to :50. Maybe aim for holding this set :55 to :50 as a goal in the future, without compromising the 5 seconds rest.
I'm feeling a lot better, more energy but I can tell my body isn't rested to it's peak swimming prowess just yet. Have to be careful to really rest my legs!

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