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Accupuncture, Day 1 (3/14/14)

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So I had my very first accupuncture tx today, and I was totally amazed -- you don't feel the needles going in at ALL. We shall see if this helps the old shoulder, and other things. He told me a lot of stuff that I'm not sure I buy into, but hey, if it helps, why not?

very few kids this AM, Spring Break officially begins this afternoon, I guess, so workout was optional.(?). Had my own lane, as Jenna & Sela weren't there either. finally got my distance back up to 5000, in part because I was in the mood, and in part because my arm was only slightly achy this morning - hurt a bit during the first 1200, but then I was fine.

600 back/free
600 pull, speed play by 50s
300 kick, 75 hard, 25 easy
100 easy
4 x 200 pull @ 3:05. -was supposed to be 3:00, but that's where I was coming in, so . . . . .
100 easy
12 x 50 @ 1:00, descend 1-3
100 easy (kids got out here)
10 x 150, free/stroke/free
400 warm down
5100 LCM

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