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After a long rest

Week 76 - Saturday

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My son slept over at a friends last night and my daughter used it as an excuse to sleep with us. I should not complain because we don't have many of these left I am sure. That said she is a very restless sleeper and almost does somersaults in her sleep, which makes it almost impossible to sleep. My wife gave me "the look" when I got up this morning like it was my fault.

Swimming was fun today. We did much shorter stuff than I am used to, swum at either AFAP or at 200 pace, with both being very tiring. I still feel like my turns need some work but generally me focusing on them seems to also solve my position in the lane challenge where I tend to circle swim during races. I think I go over with my legs to one side and then come off the wall diagnol. This is all small stuff but it's this kind of thing that makes all the difference. Tom told me today that my kick and hand entry are much better on my free which are two other parts of my stroke I have worked on over the past year.

Warm up
800 with snorkel swum as 75 free, 25 back
100 easy

Main set
10x50 with fins swum 25 under water, 25 perfect stroke on 1 min
12x50 free on 35
100 easy
20x25 swum as 3x6x25 on 25 at 200 pace, 2x25 AFAP. All 25s in a round except the last were swum to the feet(turn)
200 easy
2x(2x50 kick AFAP on 1min, 50 AFAP no breath as far you can go then shut it down on 1min

Warm down
300 easy

Total 3400scy

This much lower yardage than we typically do but at a higher intensity. This was fun. I held 29-30s throughout the transition set of 50s on 35. I generally find it hard to get going on 25s but both enjoyed the set and swum great. I was holding 13 middle as best as I could tell on the 25s at 200 pace. I went 12s on the last 2. I generally felt very strong and did not seem to die on this set. On the kick 50s I held 35s which was awesome for me. The 50 after the kick was not so hot and I struggled making a 25 holding my breath.

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  1. Water Rat's Avatar
    I know that look
  2. ekw's Avatar
    I have a 65 lb. dog and a 10 lb. cat. The cat is hands down the worse to share a bed with!