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Sunny morning swim

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I enjoyed a fun workout with the masters group at Sonoma Aquatic Club this morning. It's an interesting outdoor pool--imagine a 6 lane x 25 yard pool, only with half of the lanes extending further, to 50M. This morning, though (and generally it seems), the bulkhead was set up in the middle of the 3 lcm lanes, so there were 9 lanes (6 scy, plus 3 on the other end of the bulkhead that must have been a little longer) altogether. The masters group took 5 or 6 adjacent lanes, and I relished swimming in the warm sunshine during the following:

100 scy warmup

4 x 100 reverse IM: 1 kick, 1 drill, 1 pull, 1 swim

34 x 50 @ :45 [I first thought it must be someone's birthday, but there was another explanation--they're working up to 50 x 50, adding 4 each week. I did a pattern with FR and FR/BK halfsies to help me count.]

IM pyramid: 25 fl, 50 fl/bk, 75 fl/bk/br, 100 IM, 100 IM, 75 bk/br/fr, 50 br/fr, 25 bk

Bonus 5 x 100 FR @ 1:25

That was it!

Our flight out to San Francisco and drive up to Sonoma went well yesterday. It is so gorgeous around here!

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  1. pool tourist's Avatar
    I like the sound of that pool. Would be fun to experiment with the bulkhead placement, or have a three-part bulkhead to make each lane a little different. Thanks for sharing your report. Please bring back warm sunshine.