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After a long rest

Week 77 - Monday

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I had an awful nights sleep last night and woke up nearly every hour on the hour; I don't know why, but I did. Not the start to the week I wanted and will feel it tomorrow I am sure. Despite the bad nights sleep I had a great workout today.

Warm up
400 free with snorkel
8x50 catchup on 45

Main set
10x300 pull on 3.40(this was 10 seconds more rest than usual) and I was given instructions to hold 1min pace)
200 easy
10x50 kick on 50
4x(2x50 on 40 high tempo but relaxed on 40, 50 AFAP on 1min)

Warm down
300 easy

Total 5400scy

I held 3.00-3.01 throughout the 300 set. This hurt pretty bad and I was extremely tired by the end. I am always amazed after a pull set how its not just my arms that ache but my whole body and the kick set sucked. I held 40-43 throughout and I was hurting. This feeling carried across to the next set where I was holding 31s on the high tempo 50s and 27s on the AFAP. I was beat at the end of this practice despite getting more rest than usual.

I am traveling to Atlanta, GA and Birmingham, AL tomorrow through the end of the day on Thursday. I have made arrangements to swim in Atlanta but my schedule may not allow much. Fingers crossed I will get my swimming in or else I will be one grouchy dude!!!

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  1. ndauksavage's Avatar
    You not swimming I can't believe that! I'm positive you will find time especially with zones less than 2 weeks away!
  2. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ndauksavage
    You not swimming I can't believe that! I'm positive you will find time especially with zones less than 2 weeks away!
    Well tomorrow I have a 7am flight which means I have to leave at 4.45 to get to DFW and the tomorrow night I have to drive from Atlanta to Montgomery, Alabama, so tomorrow is not looking good. I am staying in a hotel with an indoor pool so maybe Wednesday I will get wet but probably not much of a workout based on the size of the pool. Thursday I will swim with the Atlanta masters so Thursday I should be set. Fingers crossed all this falls into place otherwise I will miss more than one day for the first time in 18months.

    This mornings workout was tough. We missed you. Eileen swam with Melissa in your lane, but they were doing a different workout to me.

    Donald signed up for zones.

    See you bright and early on Friday.