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Sunny midmorning swim

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I swam with the Sonoma Aquatic Club masters again today, at their 9am workout, which was again wonderfully sunny and friendly. Here's what I did:

Warmup: 200 FR, 300 swim every 4th length stroke, 200 IM kick/swim, 200 IM drill/build

300 swim with Finis paddles, working on hip-driven stroke

4 x 100 swim without paddles, working on same, @ 1:40

6 x 50 @ :45, faster tempo

4 x 125 IM, rotating extra 25 through the strokes, working the 50 stroke fast

50 easy

6 x 25 kick fast @ :35

100 smooth

2 x 50 faster
4 x 25 various sprint

200 warmdown

That was it! In the afternoon we drove through the Russian River Valley to Armstrong redwood preserve, and walked through the redwood grove, then hiked a trail ridge above it. It was stunningly beautiful.

Our week in Sonoma has been wonderful. Tomorrow is our last day here, then on Saturday I'm will try to swim from the Bay Bridge to the Golden Gate in San Francisco.

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