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3|21|14 SCM, pursuit for speed

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4 x 100 on 3:00 as 50 fast free / 50 easy (on 1:00 F)
10 x 50 on 3:00 alternate between 25 AFAP free / 25 easy, and 25 HUDKF S / 25 easy
20 x 12.5M on 1:00, DFS free
  • 7s

The DFS frees utilized a consistent, precise, however an inaccurate timing scheme [@ pace clock straight up, do a relay start dive from side and sprint all out a few strokes, stop and view clock when 12.5M marker is in perpendicular sight (viewing straight down at bottom of shallow pool)]. Can probably cut a full second for real time.

Below is a clip from 3/20. Noticed several things to fix with breaking transition. First is I rotate too early on first pull.
Second is I hold streamline behind head too long such that my hands pop out of water before strokes. I should keep them tight but while slowly angling down so that my first stroke cycle starts at normal depth. This is a breakthrough in itself as I always had trouble in this area but couldn't pin it down.

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Updated March 22nd, 2014 at 11:50 AM by __steve__