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After a long rest

Week 77 - Saturday

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I woke tired again this morning. Hopefully I will get time to nap today and that will allow me to catchup on my sleep. I swam pretty easy today.

Warm up
800 Reverse IM twitch (alternate 25 stroke 25 free)

Main set
16x25 kick afap on 40
3x500 dec 1-3. To 90% effort on 3. Work walls. Watch how u go in and out.
3x broken 200s
#1- 50 100 50
#2- 25 50 50 50 25
#3- 50 50 50 50
5 seconds rest after 25s, 10 seconds rest after 50s and 15 seconds rest after 100s

Warm down
3x200 perfect swim 3min

Total 3900scy

i tried relaxing on the 500s and descended as instructed. I started at 5.25 and dropped about seconds per 500. On the broken 200s I focused on 500 pace rather than 200 pace. I was just plain tired today and want some rest before zones next week. Our coach was not on deck this morning due to family visiting from Illinois so this was a paper workout.

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