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Ready for Meet Season

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by , March 24th, 2014 at 10:47 PM (800 Views)
Not sure how fast i'll swim, but at least I feel pretty good and I finally can swim fly pretty well! It's not such a struggle and I am starting to feel my old self again; it will take more time than the next 2 weeks, but hopefully racing fly will give me another big boost and over the hump to better fly!

Let's see....
I went 13+ from a dive on 25's fly, so that was promising.
I went a 38.2 to 38.5 on a 50 breast fast. That was also a good swim.
I got my mojo going on some 25's back and went 16's. That's as fast as I ever have. Never hit 15's yet.
Free is still a struggle. I'm still fighting myself but going 14-15's, so at least I can muscle and thrash my way to half decent times.

I'd like to just see where my times are. Since I turned 45 this year, and since it's been 12 years (2002) since I started racing after having kids, maybe consider this a "reset" year, so all "best times"?

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