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Workout 03/25/14: evening

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I was a slug last week. Picked up an extra shift and then life got busy during my long week of work so only one swim. I did manage to play some basketball at my son's school after church on Sunday night - without feeling too horrible yesterday. I skipped swimming last night because the college was showing a rebroadcast of the Bill Nye and Ken Ham creation/evoultion debate, so Preston joined me in watching that before I headed to Men's group for a bit.

Today was busy as well, but I knew that I could count on making masters tonight. I had a drug task force meeting this morning before going to Chapel, then spent some time at the college's library getting books for a research paper that I am working on for the end of the semester. I don't take the tests since I am auditing the class, but the prof is grading my papers so I am taking advantage of that. A quick nap before a light supper then off to practice (borrowed fromiefer's weekly workout):

300 FR swim
100 kick on Back
100 IM drill
100 kick on front
4 x 25 - focus on streamlines

300 FR Pull with buoy, every 3rd 25 Fast (did 350)

3 x
- 25 Stroke/25 fr/25 stroke. :20 sr (did one each IMO)
- 75 of above stroke. :20 sr
- 100 DPS free. :60 sr (I did 150's with AP)

5 min warmdown (did 300)
(Masters/Rec/2200 yds/60 min)

Lots of people at practice tonight, eight total in the water. Greg and Gabby did the workout with me, while others did their own thing. A new swimmer, Renee, was there and Carol joined us for the first time since Thanksgiving. Tim, Melissa, and Emily are working on base for tri's. We had a lot of swimmers on Saturday, so I am planning to bring a "Swimopoly" game for this weekend.

The full results for the Harvard meet have been posted into the USMS database. Click here for the update from Rick. My split request for the 500 and 1000 was not included, so I emailed them earlier today (although it won't be earth shattering if they are missed).

Other meet news: we have five entries so far for the Bennington meet in a month. I am expecting ~12 from the teams in Western Mass, so things are moving along swimmingly on this front. Also, on 4/12 there is a first-time meet in Northern Vermont (Greg is thinking of goin, but I'll be out of town). Then a meet at UVAC before some other fun in the Adirondacks - lots of opportunites!

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  1. GregJS's Avatar
    That latest email from NEM listing the upcoming meets suddenly makes little ole' Vermont look like a swimming powerhouse! Which, of course, it is.
  2. rxleakem's Avatar
    Yeah, who knew?
    All the cool kids will be in Bennington on 4/26!