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Accupuncture Day 2 (3/26/14)

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Had my 2nd accupuncture about 5 days ago, which I didn't really enjoy this time, because he gave me a "massage" which hurt like, well, it hurt a lot. I felt bruised until about yesterday, but swimming wise, on Monday I was fine, Tuesday was fine, today was pretty dang good, actually. So yes, I would recommend accupuncture, but I think I'm done for now. It's too bad I don't have a meet this weekend, darn it.

500 back/free
500 pull
400 kick
100 easy
10 x 200; descending intervals
200 easy
300 breast/free
500 breast/free
2 x 50; sprint the 25, cruise to wall
100 easy
4700 LCM

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  1. __steve__'s Avatar
    Did the accupuncture assist recovery on your shoulder? I would guess recovery is the primary result from it. Is it expensive?
  2. Celestial's Avatar
    Yes, definitely recovered 90%. Not sure how much I was recovered before I went, as of course, the minute I made my appt, my shoulder stopped hurting. But the morning of the first appt, it started up again.
    Expensive as compared to what? First visit was $80, second was $65 & I don't think insurance of any kind will cover it. Wish I had done it months ago. I spent $40 on a cortisone shot in August that didn't work, and all the pills I've been swallowing. . . .