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March 28, 2014

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What happened to March? Geez, Spring is actually upon us, and it seems like Valentine's Day was just last week! Warmer air again this morning, thank goodness - the 38 degree temp on Wed morning was a nasty shock to the system. ATAC still off - so we've had the entire 50M pool to ourselves for 2 weeks now. They come back on Monday, and I'm looking forward/dreading that! Swam with Jenna & Gary today - Sela & Marcia slept in, I guess. Did butterfly for the first time since, basically October - with zoomers - and only for a 25, but I did do it, and I felt good, no shoulder pain at all. (Yea!)

600 back/free
300 pull
"The Rob" set:
4 x 50
3 x 100 IM
2 x 150
200 IM (or IM twitch)
1 min rest
200 Pull
2 x 150 IM twitch
3 x 100
4 x 50 kick
(No clock so no intervals)
100 easy
3 x 100 w/pull buoy only
100 easy
3 x 100 pull w/buoy & paddles
100 easy
3 x 100 w/fins and paddles
100 easy
300 breast/free
Total: 4500 LCM

Trying to find a way to challenge myself w/out going to meets is really hard. I don't think there is a single meet that coincides with my free weekends until October. Been thinking about giving myself a challenge & actually doing the dumb "goal sets" with the kids on some of the Saturday practices this summer. I hate competing against Olympians, seriously. Even tho I won't be in their heat, they will see me come in at my pathetically slow time, and even tho they probably aren't actually watching me, I still feel like they are, and judging. (And they probably couldn't care less, lol!!)

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