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Workout 03/29/14: morning

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I had a couple of good days at work, then attended the last hour of class Thursday night. I had three chances to swim yesterday, and didn't. Went to a concert for a couple of girls from Preston's school that are heading to Ireland this summer - that was fun and we won a basket with breakfast goodies!

This morning I made it back to the college for a work day, finally finishing the tiling of the downstairs two bathrooms and then helping with painting on the fourth floor. Then I headed to Masters practice and joined eight other swimmers

w/u: 200 Swim/200 Pull/200 Kick/100 swim

Now for fun with Swimopoly:

We ended up doing:
4 x 25 choice
4 x 12.5 AFAP
4 x 50 b/c
2 x 100 (kick/pull) (I did an extra 50)
3 x 100 back
300 Negative Split
200 Free Relay (me vs the two teams), in place of going to Jail
6 x 50 Best Average on 2:00

100 loosen and out
(Masters/Rec/2600 yds/90 min)

I borrowed this idea from a tweet I saw a while ago and adjusted it to the abilities of our workout group. Instead of using dice to "roll" through the board, we used Greg's stopwatch and the last digit = move. There was enough variety and opportunity to adjust that everyone did the Swimopoly game, even those that typically just swim on their own. It was great fun!

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  1. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    What a fun idea!
  2. GregJS's Avatar
    Great way to add some fun and variety to our practice - and still give us a good workout!

    Congrats on finishing the tiling. You must be a certified expert by now.