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After a long rest

Week 80 - Friday

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Thursday was a very long and busy day; up at 4am and to bed after 11pm. When I woke at 4.15 friday morning I was so so tempted to go back to sleep but I dragged myself out of bed and headed back down to the Burlingame Masters workout. Today's workout was a sprint workout which is always a jolt to me. I was expecting to fel awful in the water but to my surprise I felt better today and other than being sleepy tired I had no side affects from the week of travel.

Warm up
400 free with snorkel
12 x75 on 1min swum as 6x75 with 50 free, 25 kick, and 6x75 with 50 free, 25 stroke

Main set
4x100 free on 1.20
4x75 IM no free on 1.05
4x50 kick on 50
4x25 free on 30
4x(2x75 swum as 75 free fast on 1min, 75 kick fast on 1.10, 4x25 fast on 30, 50 stroke easy on 45)
12x100 swum as 4x(100 base pace, 100 AFAP, 100 easy) all on 1.20 send off

Warm down
200 easy

Total 4500scy

On the first main set i was holding 1.02 pace on the 100s, 55s on the IMs, 40s on the kick. I worked the fast 25s throughout this workout and was holding 12-13s throughout.

On the last round of 12x100s I held base pace the whole way and used this as a long warm down. So despite not really having a stellar workout time wise I really enjoyed swimming with the Burlingame masters and plan on going back the next time I am in San Francisco

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