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04|13|14 SCM and dryland stuff

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Started to swim yesterday but after a few lengths my body just was not up to it, and neither was my enthusiasm. Felt cruddy and the shoulders felt weak and tired. Left the pool.

On the other hand I did a little running which consisted of 15 minutes of sprinting up to speed thenback off to a walk (10 seconds run 20 seconds walk). I also ran 1.58 miles on Friday. Just enjoying the weather before it is too hot and humid.

15 x 25 DFS free on 2:00
  • work the entry and breakout
  • easy on first several then moderate sprint for the rest of them

15 x 15M DFS free on 1:00
  • streamlined entry

Weights afterwards
  • snatches
  • single arm dumbell bench
  • single arm rack rows

need to stop doing snatches - too dangerous (left shoulder a little twingy and lower back close to spasming out)

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