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After a long rest

Week 81 - Tuesday

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I lifted hard last night and my legs were like jello when I woke this morning. The feeling did not improve during my practice and I was very tired pysically today. I am hopeful that the feeling is just a reaction to focusing on my legs more than usual. I am determined to build strength in my legs and know that this will help in the long run, but oh how sore I am right now.

Warm up
4x(3x100 free with snorkel on 1.30, 2x50 on 1min fast, 2x25 kick fast on 30)

Main set
6x300 free on 3.30 descend 1-3, 4-6
12x25 on 40 at 200 pace

Warm down
300 easy

Total 4200scy

This practice went pretty quickly but I just felt sluggish the whole way through. I was struggling on the 50s during warm up to get any speed, but by the end still felt stiff and sore but had improved. On the 50s in the warm up I was going 29s and 30s, and on the kick was holding 18s. On the 300s I went 3.15, 3.10, 3.06, 3.16, 3.11, 3.05. Unlike when I normally swim 300's I had to fight the whole set to keep this pace, I had no easy speed at all today. On the fast 25s I was holding 13s to my feet.

I am lifting again tomorrow night and will work my legs again no matter how badly I still hurt, but I really hope I am feeling better by then.

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  1. cclarke's Avatar
    You are doing a lot of work so probably your body is just broken down some. 3:06 and 3:05 is solid without paddles!
  2. ndauksavage's Avatar
    Nice workout today!! I am sore all over and my legs felt like jello in the pool last night. Just try and focus on the positive and think about how much faster you will be. If I could hold those times I would be ecstatic!