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After a long rest

Week 81 - Saturday

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I had a more restful nights sleep than any other night this week and woke excited about a recovery workout today. When I arrived at the pool it was setup for LCM and our workout today had far less intensity but a few of us commented after the workout that it did not feel like a recovery workout. As I write this I realise the intensity was indeed much lower and the yardage was lower too, so I guess it was a recovery workout but I still found it tough.

Warm up
800 reverse IM twitch

Main sets
6x100 kick on 2mins
100 easy
10x50 free on 40
3x(2x100 IM on 1.45, 2x50 drill/swim on 1min)
100 easy
1x100 afap on 3mins
1x50 afap

Warm down
50 double arm backstroke

Total 3200LCM

i was holding 1.40s on the kick set, 35s on the pace 50s on 40, 1.20's on the IM, 38's on the drill/swim 50s. On the afap 100 free I went 1.01 on the 100 and 29 on the 50. Both of these were from a push. Both were also done to my feet with Tom telling me the time.

After swimming we did weights and I focused on chest and back today and gave my legs a rest. We did the normal 3 rounds, with 10,8,6 reps per exercise by round at 80%,max, fail by round. I did

3x(bench press, inclined bench, miltiary press, seated row hands inside, seated row hands outside, lat pull down hands inside, lat pull down hands outside, free weight arm extension(working tri and bicep), lower back extension)

I dont know what the name of the exercise was with the free weight. You grab a dumbell, put one arm and one knee on a bench and pull up from floor to the chest.

We finished with 10mins on the vasa trainer where I sweat profusely.

A good workout today but I was beat when I was done.

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    One arm dumbbell rows