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Workout Swimmer

April 23, 2014

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Nice hard workout this morning; arms are delightfully tired

600 back/free
2 x 300 pull
400-400-300-200-100-6 x 50 (DeMont) w/30 sec rest between each (no toys)
200 easy
3 x 300 breast/free
300 breast
300 cooldown
4500 LCM

Was planning on a twist today & doing weights after work, and only swimming tomorrow morning, but life may get in the way. Have to teach a class on diabetes to my patients & I got drafted to bring in the refreshments. Thought I would try the whole "hard boiled eggs" by baking them in the oven - epic fail! Now I'm boiling the eggs for the Deviled Eggs, and behind, as usual. At least I'm not behind on my charting!!

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