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After a long rest

Week 82 - Friday

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I had a good nights sleep but could have done with another hour or two more. My stiffness was gone today but generally just felt flat today and most of this week for that matter. I am at the airport as I write getting ready to head home. I can't wait. Tomorrow I swim with my team and then my daughter is swimming in an annual dual meet with the city of Richardson. There is a team trophy which her team is defending so it will be a fun meet. She is looking forward to swimming and I think it's LCM which she loves.

Warm up
300 swim
200 IM
100 scull
4x50 drill 700

Main set
300 swim
100 kick
4x25 drill
100 kick
4x25 12.5 fast 12.5 easy
100 kick
100 IM
100 kick 1000
4x(200 with dives on 2.45, 25 underwater, 25 fast, 25 no breath, 25 easy) 1200
4 x(100 on 1.10, 4x25 back on 25) 800

Warm down
300 easy

Total 4000scy

As I write this today was a blur. Nothing was particularly stellar today. Most of the main set I was getting 10 seconds rest. I picked up the last part of the main set and was holding 58-1min on the 100s.

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